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Teaching Online Open Learning or TOOL, created by Georgia Virtual Learning at the Georgia Department of Education, is a learning platform which provides professional development courses for educators and administrators. Participants access quality professional learning courses anywhere, anytime as TOOL provides a philosophy of sharing educational content for free. TOOL utilizes Credly to allow participants joining the digital learning community to earn self-awarded badges for free.

For a nominal fee, participants may opt for a learning portfolio review. Expert online educators from the nationally recognized Georgia Virtual School will review and verify learning artifacts housed in the participant's professional educator blog.

Participants who are interested in employment opportunities at Georgia Virtual School must complete the Effective Online Teaching Course. Only applicants with the verified credential are considered for positions at Georgia Virtual School.

The skills and content offered in TOOL cover a variety of topics relevant to today's educators and are essential for 21st century instruction. The TOOL content may be utilized and integrated into traditional, blended and online classrooms.

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TOOL Learning Pathways

  TOOL is used by individuals for professional development. Educators work independently through course offerings within a flexible online learning environment. 
  K-12 school districts partner with TOOL to provide quality professional development courses to educators. TOOL creates dynamic, digital learning communities meeting specific district needs.
  Post-secondary institutions partner with TOOL to enrich initial teacher certification programs and augment graduate study programs.

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